Never Stop Creating

What does it mean to be curious? The textbook definition is according to Oxford language is “to be eager to know or learn something” or “Strange”

Anyone who spends time around successful individuals, specifically those who have more of a creative mind, are always going and are always trying to find new ways to do something unique. Something that hasn’t been done before and/or something that sparks creativity within themselves and their social circles.

As we age, the curiosity tends to dry up unfortunately and we start to think more narrow minded and our apathy increases :(. I’ve noticed with my age group (23–26-y.o), curiosity is thriving, and people are in that hustle mentality.

We need logic, science, math, and sound too change the world, but we also need the creative individuals.

Creativity is what defies every status quo that has some before the present ones. The sky is the standard now as creatives always find a new way to recreate the wheel. Logic and reason are made more powerful when imagination and curiosity is a part of the process and the individuals effort.

There is power in asking questions

The fate of our future really depends on our ability question the present reality. Questions are the fuel that pushes us beyond our comfort zone, feeds the fire and drives our momentum.

Don’t accept the norm, change it with the power of questions. The world is built by creative people that dare to ask the tough questions. The questions of why, what if and why not.

The right question, boldly, and loudly asks can change the world with the right time, and attention. That’s empowering.

Ideas build ideas.

It’s incumbent that you read, study andresearch all to make the time to think.

These ideas are what the world needs. It also depends on our discipline to make time to think. Not just the passive thinking but being proactive and intentional on your thoughts. Ask questions you don’t know the answer but you’re willing to seek out.

There’s an art to seeing your idea become a final product and that’s part of the beauty of the creative process. The great thing about it, is that you never know your part in the 30,000-foot view. Solving problems, bringing awareness and envisioning that the world can be a better place.

No idea is an island, and neither are we. We are in this together and we are all creative. Never stop creating and be you.




Welcome to my thoughts.

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Welcome to my thoughts.

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